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PROTEC Zerspanungstechnik.
High-precision technology - chip by chip.

Since 1956 all activities of PROTEC Zerspanungstechnik have focused on precision parts for the important functions in many industrial branches Ð ranging from highly complex industrial plants to technical lifestyle products. From the smallest formed metal ball to complete assembly groups, we develop and produce adequate solutions Ð of high precision and assured quality. For the automobile and engineering industries, manufacturers of hydraulic and sanitary installation, use in environmental and energy technologies... even in sports and leisure fields, we supply high-precision technology Ð work pieces from 3 mm to 250 mm diameter.


Time goes by.
Precision remains.

1956  Establishment of the family enterprise.
1983  The company grew and employed more than 50 staff members. A team of experienced employees acquired the family company.
1989  The production area was increased to more than 2000 sqm. The number of employees grew to more than 100.
2004  Expansion of the production area by additional 1500 sqm. More than 3500 sqm were available Ð the administration, shipping and quality assurance departments moved into the new facilities to ensure optimum workflow.

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